Friday, October 24, 2008

Toys for Max

Max is in his Intellitainer right now and he is having a great time. His feet touch the ground enough so that he can turn himself from one side of the toy to the other. And he has better control of his hands so that he can play with the various things. Sadly the music part seems to be fading although I am foolishly optimistic that new batteries will solve the problem.

Another toy that Max LOVED earlier in the week was the spin ball. Here's a link: He must have spent 20 minutes playing with it while sitting on my bed while I was folding laundry. I don't know that I could say anything more to recommend it. :)

Much as it sucked to have been a memory-challenged loser who left part of the pump at home, requiring me to leave work to come home and feed Max, it was very nice to be home and to get to spend some time with him and Mark. It was also nice that he took a 2 hour nap and then spent another hour hanging out with his Daddy. I was able to get a lot of work done. Yay Max!

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