Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halloween Costume

I finally got the scanner installed, so I can scan the picture of Max in his Halloween costume, and the picture of me and Max (and Margaret) also taken last October.

Max is gettting better.

I didn't post that Max was sick yesterday, but now I can post that he is feeling better. I spent most of yesterday in the doctor's office or at the ER with him. Luckily Mark was able to come to the doctor in the late afternoon and then go to the ER with me! This was a return to his former issues with his breathing. He has some more meds to get us through the next week to make sure it is sorted out, but he is already seeming to feel a lot more like his normal ActionMax self!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Max in the snow

Max is ready to go out in the snow!

Apparently Daddy put him right to work!

The snow was about 22 inches. And now we are waiting to see how much snow we will get tonight and tomorrow morning... Schools are closed. The government is closed. And we are just waiting...

Getting ready to get ready for potty training

Max sat down on his potty last night (while fully dressed) but had the smarts to grab a book first!

Max loves Margaret

Max's new favorite thing is to sit on the couch and then to pat the couch next to him so that I know where to put Margaret. He then puts his arm around her and smiles for the camera. He is still very good around Margaret and wants to sit next to her or look at her. He always lets me know where she is (in case I somehow didn't know) and always points and her and says "Baby!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos by NannyJo

I totally and absolutely love this photo of Max, taken after his bath at Joanna's house. Joanna kept Max overnight while Margaret was being born.

Max eating dinner at Joanna's house while waiting for his baby sister to be born... His last dinner as the baby of the family.

Here are two photos of Max pretending he is going to school like Joanna's girls.

And here Max is playing Connect 4 at Cafe P while waiting for his meal with Joanna. :)

Max in Photos!

This was Max earlier this morning building another structure taller than he is!

This is an old photo of Max using Mommy as a pillow. As always we MUST snuggle under the brown blanket from Karyn.

Max and his bottle. He is no longer getting bottles and is using a cup, but this was a very happy Max!

The color is a little off, but this is Max wearing Daddy's shoes. I wish I had the photo of me wearing Uncle Brian's shoes. Just imagine my head on that body in England instead of in the US. :)

I cannot explain why Max thinks this is a good look for photos. He does. And that's all there is to it. This is also Max wearing a lovely set of blue cord overalls from Duncan. Soft and stylish!

Max, Mommy, and Margaret.

He's looking a little devious here....

Trying to get all 3 of us in one photo is a lot harder than you might think...

Max at MyGym on the swings. That is definitely his favorite part of his class. His little face lit up with joy when he saw the swings coming out of the storage closet!

For PIA.... Another tough guy face. :)

Margaret doesn't look happy, but Max loves her anyway.

Big Brother

Max continues to be a great big brother to his sister. This morning he gave up on snuggling with me to crawl over me to get to the edge of the bed next to her bed so that he could let me know that is where the "Baby!" was sleeping.

In the last few days he has been VERY interested in her having a nose and ears and feet. Because it turns out Max has a nose and ears and feet. And Mommy has a nose and ears. And Daddy has a nose and ears. This is all very fun and exciting. He's pretty gentle when touching her nose and ears and feet. And just laughs and laughs as he runs from each of us touching our noses or ears.

Max is also still very interested in helping out at diaper time by giving me a clean diaper for her (although he doesn't care if it is her size or his size), giving me wipes, and then throwing her diaper in the trash. He gets very upset if he isn't able to participate in the process. He is also now very interested in throwing his own diaper away. I am pleased.

We have a potty for him and we put it in our bedroom. He's been taking it apart and putting it back together. I had him sit on it once the night before last. Last night he opted to sit on it three different times. The complications are that he only sits on it fully dressed, and only after he has removed the "pot" part of the potty. So we will have a little work ahead of us to turn playing with the potty into using the potty.

I have more photos to share of both Max and Margaret but that will have to wait until another time when there is a better ratio of adults to kids. ..