Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanks Liz G!

Max in his race car overalls from Liz G! After watching a bunch of Top Gear with my parents, it seemed like the perfect time to start wearing them! Plus he is finally big enough to wear 18 month clothes!

Busy Big Brother

Max and Papa and Margaret. My Dad is the first person to get a name other than Mommy or Daddy (other than Riley, of course). Max has really taken to my dad and wants him to be the one to get him a snack, refill his milk, carry him up to bed, help him with his shoes and coat, or anything else that might come up during the day.

Max wanted me to take a picture. And then he saw Margaret's sheep, and he wanted the picture to include the sheep too. I was only too willing to comply. :)

Another day, another self-portrait with Mommy.

Max playing with Mommy's fake iPhone. I put a game on it for him and he really likes it. Unfortunately for Margaret he thought she would also like it and beaned her in the head with the phone while trying to give her a turn.

He is still a very happy little boy. Yay!
And last night he slept through the night. Hurrah!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Max's Adjustment to being a Big Brother

Max seems to be doing pretty well with his new role as Big Brother to Margaret. He likes to share his food with her (even tho she has no interest or awareness of the sharing). And he likes to give her toys (even tho they tend to be as big as she is). He likes to sit on my lap while she is sitting on my lap, but is happy to share the space with her. He is obsessed with her feet and wants to hold them. On Tuesday when we were going to MyGym he was worried that I was going to forget to take her with us. He was pointing at her in her car seat and then had to help me carry her out to the car. He also likes to see her when he is riding in the car! He points to her and laughs.

The big problems are in the night. He has a hard time going to sleep unless Mommy puts him to bed. Last night we tried having me feed Margaret while Max was going to sleep and that worked out just fine. He knew that she was there but didn't worry about it. But at 430am he was awake and it took him a long long long time to get back to sleep. I'm not sure if he is also suffering from my head cold or if he is just not feeling as sure of himself when he wakes up in the night. He's happy during the day, so hopefully we can figure out the nighttime thing and get back on track with some sleep! With the two of them keeping me awake it can be a rough rough night!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Busy Baby!

Here's a photo of Max back at MyGym. He had a bit of a break in classes due to the holidays. Looks like he had a fun time playing and running around.
NannyJo has also been working with Max to teach him his body parts. If he is in the mood, he will demonstrate where his head, hands, belly, tushie, and feet are. And he is pretty excited about knowing the words. And in the shower he will wash his body parts as directed. He will also turn around and get his tushie in the water if asked. Yay for NannyJo!
Animal sounds are improving as well. He did tell me once that a duck makes a quacking sound. But cows now say Rowr! We still have 3 months until his 2 year checkup so we can keep working on these skills!
If there was some sort of test on the microwave or electric toothbrush sounds we would pass that test in a second. Max was also eager to have Grandpa take his coffee out of the microwave last night after it dinged. He's on top of things like that.
Max also had his own tiny little piece of pizza last night. I cut a small wedge off Mark's pizza and put it on a plate for Max. He was pretty excited about being a big boy with his own piece of pizza but then quickly decided he would rather eat Mommy's.
Today was our last day of carpooling with Wes for a long time. I'm going to start my maternity leave at the end of the day today. Max will still go to NannyJo every day to try to keep his routine the same. After Granny and Grandpa leave I will be taking Max and Margaret up the HOV lanes and then leaving just Max with NannyJo so that Margaret and I can go home and hopefully get some rest!