Friday, October 24, 2008

Photos Soon

Meanwhile, news...

Max is still loving standing up, and is quite content to stand in his playpen and hold on to the sides. Sometimes this is the only way to eat a meal with two hands. He falls down but doesn't seem phased by it. So that is good news.

Yesterday he saw Mark and waved at him while saying "hi da da" which could be a coincidence or could be real. It's kinda hard to tell. I'm still hopeful that he will one day say "ma ma" but I'm not holding my breath...

I made him a new sweater and finished it up last night. I made it and tried to put it on him but his giant head wouldn't fit through the neck, so last night I ripped out the neck and did it again and now it fits just fine. I took a few photos last night and I'll post them as soon as my computer is up and running and working at a reasonable speed.

In possible TMI news, we had the first sighting of "pooping face" which was immediately after I changed a poopy diaper. Turns out I was too fast. And Mark got to change a poopy diaper almost immediately. It was kinda cute. :)

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