Friday, August 27, 2010

A few England Photos

Mommy and Max on Tower Bridge with some of London and the Thames behind us.

Max at the Royal Observatory, very close to the Prime Meridan.

Max and Margaret at Nandos (where we ate dinner with Rob Vignerot) apparently demanding their food. This was the first time they got to sit in high chairs next to each other since Margaret doesn't really sit in a high chair yet.

Max is looking a little worried as we ride the tube during rush hour to go to Covent Garden to meet Rob for dinner. He was in his buggy, but he still felt like he needed to hold on.

Max is saying "Cheese!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Preview of things to come...

Here is a picture of Max, in England, wearing the shirt Uncle Michael and Auntie Sheena got for him. He's also wearing a silly hat, because sometimes that is how a Max needs to be...

He's still working on lots of new words. He's saying "la la" for llama but it using the word milk along with the sign for milk and the word more with the sign for more. He's also saying carry and help and up. And he used the word up to signify he wanted to have a box of toys lifted up two steps, in addition to using it to mean he wants to be lifted up into his chair.

Max is also pretty fascinated by the baby's bed. He took a nap in her bed on Saturday, and last night he wanted her blanket in addition to his own blanket. She's still too young to have a blanket in her bed, so I let him have both. Unfortuantely he is also all too willing to scream when the baby is sleeping just so that she will be awake. This is not ideal. He isn't doing it at night, but he is interrupting many of her naps. Especially in the car.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reading leads to Talking...

Last night I was reading Max one of his library books -- Hello Kitty Hello Shapes. He had me read it to him over and over and over again. And for the last couple of times he wasn't just saying ball (for circle), star, and moon. He also said the word shapes! Yay Max!