Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bobbing for Dummies and the Pumpkin Patch

Max is dressed ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch.

Julian was our guest photographer for this photo of Max in the Maya Wrap at the Pumpkin Patch. The Indiana Baby Hat was key to keeping his lily white skin safe.

Max crashed out in Daddy's lap. When it is nap time it is nap time. And no pumpkin patch was going to keep him from getting his nap! This was pretty soon after the Hayride which he really enjoyed. He planted his feet on the seat and bounced up and down happily.

Max's first experience with a swing that isn't battery powered. He was really enjoying it. And I promise his arms were not actually about to snap off.

Max and I went down the slide together.

This evening after I finished eating my dinner (mmm, meatloaf!) I was holding Max on my lap. I had hold of his hands. His pacifier (AKA Dummy in England) fell out of his mouth, and after a few tries Max managed to get it back into his mouth without using his hands. It was very funny!

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