Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Max's Birthday

More photos to follow, but this lets you know how old he is!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

If only every day could be a sandbox day...

Max wants to be in the sandbox every day. So if it is remotely possible, we let him go out and play in the sandbox. He can take the lid off by himself and will happily just play with the sand and a spade. He likes it even better when "baby" will come out and play with him. And if Nik will play with him too then life just doesn't get any better than that....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Vision Thing

Max had his checkup today. The doctor said that the glasses are working and that Max's eyes are working as they should while he is wearing the glasses. Since Max wears the glasses whenenver he is awake and dry (to quote the doctor) then we need to just continue doing what we have doing. And we go back in 6 months to check his progress. So good news! And this also means the glasses we got him a week ago will last him at least until the next check up. And if we find the lost pair, we'll be in even better shape!

Playing on the floor is fun

Joanna gave us a couple of floor mats, but we had big baby toys on the floor and didn't get a chance to get this out. Until today. Max was initally confused but then very excited about the town on the floor. He initally had out the train tracks, but then decided to put the train pieces away in order to play with trucks and cars and fire trucks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Max just wallaby reading

Today Max wore the wallaby I knit for him to wear last winter. I'm very happy it still fits him! Max and Margaret are both big fans of their books. Max often asks to read 5 books. But today he was happy to sit on the bed (right next to his sister -- as close as possible) and read just a couple of books.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Max's Purple Glasses

Max lost his first set of glasses somewhere in the house. So I got him a second set. Let's not talk about that...

Instead lets focus on how cute his new glasses are, and how cute he is in them. :) He will be going for his check up on Monday to see if he still needs to wear glasses, and if so, if they need to be the same strength.

You might also think that his glasses are blue instead of purple. Max loves purple. Even if he isn't really sure what color purple actually is. He said he wanted purple glasses. We got these ones. So they must, therefore, be purple. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Max's Temp Glasses

While Max's glasses are lost and while we are awaiting the arrival of the new ones, I got him a pair of cheap reading glasses of the same prescription. Max wore them for the first time yesterday. I actually really like them! He's got quite the Harry Potter look going on. And they have actually stayed on quite well. And with the plastic frame, he hasn't been able to bend them.

His new real glasses should arrive today or tomorrow. But at least he's got these to wear to school today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Max in Jammies!

I have been slow to update the blogs. I am sorry. So here is a photo of Max, wearing his Thomas pajamas. Max is very excited about putting on his own pajamas, and is doing a great job. Joanna taught him to put his coat on by putting it on the ground and flipping it over his head. For his footed pajamas he puts them on the floor, and then sits on them and puts his feet in. And then he zips it up and celebrates.

You may also have noticed that Max is not wearing glasses in the photo above. This is because his glasses are lost. In the house. His new glasses should be ready today. At which point perhaps his other glasses will be found. The new glasses are more obviously purple, which seems to make him very happy.

While I was gone Max picked up a lot of words, and seems to have picked up a love of talking. Mark suspects that the new found love of talking is a reaction to Margaret's increase in talking. Max is competing with her now! Whatever it takes!