Thursday, June 26, 2008

Max shares the love with the folks from Mommy's work

Here are some photos of our recent festivities...

Little boy... for the moment...

I am happy that Max still fits into the smallest of the sweaters I have made for him. It won't fit him for much longer. He's growing so fast.

He is also totally besotted with the little cow blankie from the Miske family. He hugs it, he puts the arms in his mouth, and he pulls it over his face and hides underneath. I also love it because it is super duper soft.

More photos to follow soon...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Max now weighs 14.5 pounds. And yet, due to baby vanity sizing, he is wearing NB in the picture I took this morning of him in a white long sleeve onesie, brown pants, and a blue cabled sweater. All are labeled newborn. And he is 12 weeks and 2 days old.

Yesterday at Spartans Hayley held Max for a while. In honor of her birthday today, I'm posting that photo. :)

Max got up and ate this morning at 5.30. It was nice to be able to snuggle in bed with him without having to get up and go to work! And then he slept again until about 8am. He has had his second breakfast and is now taking a nap. What a good baby!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend with Max

It is nice to be home with Max instead of working. At the moment he is taking a nap. I think I might try to sneak a nap in too... :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being at work...

It is nowhere near as nice for me to be at work instead of being with Max all day. I'm finding it very tiring, and I think it is mostly because I miss being around Max.

Daddy has been doing a fantastic job taking care of Max and his brothers and the house. He's gotten a lot accomplished. Max seems to be still adjusting to the change. He ate a lot on Monday, less on Tuesday, and even less on Wednesday. Yesterday I got home at 3.30 and he ate. And then he ate at 4.30. And then at 5.30 he and I both fell asleep. At 8pm we woke up. He ate again. And again. And he was asleep for the night at 9.30. But then woke up at 11pm, 2.30am, and 4.30am to eat. I'd prefer to get a full night's sleep and have him eat more during the day, but I think the nap yesterday was more disruptive to our schedule. But at the time, it wasn't really an optional nap. I was wiped out. And snuggling with Max is a delightful way to fall asleep. I'll have to add more photos next time I post from my home computer since I can't see my other photos online but I can see the photos I post here! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Max and his new inchworm toy. He is really liking it. The orange part crinkles when he touches it. And the legs are apparently quite tasty. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Days at home together

Max and I have been enjoying our time together.

Yesterday I made pancakes for breakfast, gave Max a bath, did a mini-photo-shoot for our Father's Day gift for Daddy, and then walked the big kids to school. Max fell asleep in the sling before I even got to the bottom of the driveway. His Indiana Baby hat totally does the trick for keeping the sun out of his eyes. We had a few minutes at home before leaving for my doctor's appointment. Max had a fantastic job cooing to the nurses. They took him while I was having my back adjusted and played with him the whole time. Max was loving it!!

On the way home we stopped off to get Nik's birthday supplies and Max fell asleep in his carseat in the store. When we got home I was able to keep him asleep and he didn't wake up until after 1pm. That has to be a new record for a daytime nap!

In the afternoon we invited ourselves over to Nan's house and I was able to do some scrapbooking on his baby album. It was nice to have some social time, and to get started on his album. There are many photos still to go. And Max enjoyed taking a nap while Nan was holding him.

This morning we all walked up to school together. Because it is the last day of school and the day before Nik's birthday, we had cupcakes for Nik's class. So Max got to visit Max's classroom. And while we were in the school we popped over to Julian's classroom too. Max was admired by all the kids. And I think it was a nice surprize for Julian. :)

Max and I came home and relaxed for a while. Enjoying the cool quiet of the empty house. And then we got a call from the school that Nik was sick and needed to be picked up. So Max is learning about Dora and Clifford while Nik does some vegging out on the couch. Max was enjoying snuggling and then fell asleep and went happily down for a nap. He's such a good baby. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home with Daddy

I started to feel sick in the middle of the night last night. Not good before having to do public speaking... So Daddy came home to take care of Max while I had to go and do my public speaking. It meant that we were not exposing NannyJo and her kids to any possible illness I was fighting off, it meant I didn't have to get Max ready to leave the house, and it meant I could drive directly to the conference without making any stops. Also I didn't have to hold the baby after getting dressed in my girl clothes. This can be a good thing, esp after Max pooped on my dress clothes on Tuesday.

Before my stressful speaking event, Max and I went to lunch with Matt and Wendy. It was a nice way to celebrate my last Wednesday at home. Max had a nice time cooing at the waitress and snuggling with Wendy.

Things went well for me at the meeting (and by that I mean they only asked me one question and I knew the answer), and Max was very happy at home having Daddy hold him all the time. And any time Daddy wanted to put him down, Max let Daddy know that was not ok by him. :) He also had a nice bottle from Daddy.

After dinner Max went to visit Hayes and Gizmo. It was his first experience with pugs. And I think it went ok. He also got to be held by Laurie, and this time he didn't even puke on her. Yay Max!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So today Max went to NannyJo's for the first time. He was there for about 2 hours. I survived the experience. It helped that Jo said "Privacy Now!" as I was heading out the door. I had to do public speaking and that stresses me out. Having to be parted from Max to do it was extra negative. Tomorrow I have a much more stressful session of public speaking and will have to drop Max off with Jo again. I'm so not looking forward to it. So I am taking Thursday and Friday off work to adore Max to make up for having to miss out on time with him today and tomorrow. It doesn't make the public speaking tomorrow any better, but it does give me something good to look forward to. 2 work days and 2 weekend days with Max before I start back in the office.

It helps a lot to have total confidence in NannyJo. Knowing that Max is in good hands relieves a lot of potential stress. It must be extra hard for poeple who have to leave their babies with strangers.

And it sounds like Max did fine today. He had a 2 ounce bottle at 2 and a 3 ounce bottle at 3 and then when he and I got home at 4 he had a little snack. He even napped for Joanna. So that is all good.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Max Swims

Here we all are in the pool. Max is liking it more each time.

Here are some photos of Max. The first one is him in his footed sleeper that has a matching hat and matching bib. And the second one is a close up of his baby crocs. :) Target $5.99. So worth it!
Yesterday morning Max went in the pool for the first time. He had been dipped in a few times from the edge by Daddy, but this was his first time in a swim diaper and really spending some time in the pool. The pool is 85 degrees which is the hottest it has ever been. But it still feels cold. So we had to ease in. He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it. He seemed to get used to it. He didn't like that it was cold but he liked swirling around in the water. I'll definitely keep giving it a try to see if he will get to liking it. His brothers were in the pool from about 10am to 230pm. One day that will be Max too. :)
Max also had a little visit with his almost birthday buddies yesteday at lunchtime. Nick and Alex were born on March 26. They are now about 12 pounds, but Max at 13 pounds looks a whole lot bigger. I think it is because his cheeks are 80% of his weight. :)
In the afternoon he went to the surprize birthday party for Krista. It was a super hot day but the party was a lot of fun. And it was fun that Krista was totally surprized when we all jumped out and yelled Surprize! Max slept through the entire yelling part. When he's ready for a nap, he's going to get it.
Max slept from 10pm to 6am and then from 730 to 830. And I was able to sleep most of that time. Between 10pm and 3am he was a little fussy but Daddy managed to keep him from waking up completely. What a nice Daddy. I definitely appreciate getting that sleep. And Daddy is appreciating a little nap right now. :)
Max did some quality time in his play mat this morning and then did some tummy time without complaining. He still doesn't use his arms and doesn't really like tummy time, but the period of time he will spend on his tummy without fussing is increasing.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update... plus 2 month checkup

I finally got the photo ready to post to the Disney Baby Bed Head Contest, but I missed the deadline. Here is the photo I was going to submit. At least this way I can just assume he would have won. Because what could be cuter?

His 2 month checkup went well. He is now 13 pounds, 2 ounces and 23 inches long. That puts him at 77% for weight and 52% for height. No longer is he tall and skinny... He is in good health with no issues. They gave him his shots and the one vaccine by mouth. He did not like the shots at all! No real surprize there. Friday night he was extra clingy and woke up more to eat in the night, but he seemed to be back to himself by Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday we were able to get him tiny little baby crocs. Photos to follow. He wore them to Jay's BBQ on Saturday afternoon. He also modeled his tiny little sunglasses. He seems to like them, at least for the short periods of time I have tried to have him wear them. Mostly his hat takes care of his sun-blocking needs.

On Sunday he went with me to Matt and Wendy's to watch Pride and Prejudice. He slept through most of it but was able to make a quick round through the folks there to be snuggled. :)

Today he is focusing on eating and sleeping and being held. He was up extra in the night to eat, but seems to be willing to go to sleep in his swing right now. Think positive sleeping thoughts...