Monday, October 20, 2008

A few more milestones...

Max is really loving standing up in his pack and play. Over the weekend Nik had some balloons (my boss's day balloons -- thanks team!) and he was playing with them just outside the playpen. Max was having a ball! He was able to hit the balloons with one hand while hanging on to the edge of the pack and play with the other hand. And then he'd fall down. But he didn't seem to mind in the slightest. :)

Max has been working on learning how to wave. This weekend we had a new milestone -- Matt waved at Max and Max waved back!

On Saturday we went to a playdate to Melissa's house so that our 3 boys could play with her 3 boys. Her middle son was loving on Max the whole time. He was so sweet and so cute. He wanted to hug Max and kiss Max. He and his big brother kept telling Max that he was cute. They are really great kids (and I'd say that even if they weren't so admiring of Max). Max spent some of his time at their house working on walking. He can't walk by himself, but he's really mastering how to move his feet while we hold his hands and keep him steady. He seems very proud of himself for being able to alternate moving his feet. I think he might just skip right over that boring crawling step. He has a long way to go on balance tho. Although I think standing in the playpen is really helping him with that. I think he likes being able to see more stuff.

Hopefully I can get my computer up and running again so that I can load up some of the new photos from the weekend. Max had on an "I love my mummy" shirt this weekend...

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