Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots of Updates!

My view in the rear view mirror after picking Nik up from school. Nik and Max.

And here's Max, looking at me from his seat. He's wearing the little cardigan Auntie made for him.

Max is not a future democrat. He's already one, as his diaper shows. :)

Max playing with his Mozart cube. He's really figured it out now and can make the music play.

Max standing up in his playpen.

Max in his snuggly warm sleeper from Stacia. Thanks Stacia! You can't see it in this photo but there are little dalmations all over the outfit in a burnout kind of technique. He's got another outfit just like this in green. It's fantastic for keeping him warm at night since he can't have any blankets. And it will keep him warm in the morning when he walks Nik to school with Daddy.

In one of his outfits from Kathy B from my office. The onesie says Handsome. :)

Max is giving his new boots a taste test. Thanks to his WorkDaddy, MitreBob for helping to find them in Vegas.

Fatty McFatterson got stuck in his bumbo seat...

Max with one of his new friends. He's 2 days younger...

Max getting a bottle from Erma while being adored by one of his many fans, Little Miss.

This is a photo of Max laughing at Nik's antics, but I wasn't able to get both of them in the photo at the same time.
Here Max is modeling his new outfit. This was one of the many little outfits from Shelley. I'm loving it. It is like little baby pajamas! And the octopus on his shirt is slightly fuzzy. Baby clothes are just so cute and so soft! Why can't they make more grownup clothes like this?

I had to start a note to make sure I'd remember all the changes...

Max had a nice visit with his almost birthday buddies. :) Tammi is down from MA and brought Nick and Alex down. Max seemed a little confused by other tiny babies but he did ok with them. Many photos were taken. Many of which will be posted on Tammi's facebook page I am sure.

We all enjoyed a visit from Jack and Erma. Max was loving all the extra attention he got from them.

Max now eats cereal (rice and oatmeal), avocado, mango, sweet potato, and pumpkin. He is a big fan of the sweet potato and pumpkin. Thanks to Krista for offering up pumpkin as a food option. I hadn't considered pumpkins as a food, only as decoration. But Max was leaning forward with his mouth wide open when it was eating time.

As for milestones:

I put Max in his playpen standing up and put his hands on the edge. He stayed standing up for quite a while before falling to his butt. He seemed to like it.

I had Max sitting next to me on the couch and he decided that he wanted to sit up and that he would do so by dragging his way up my shirt. It worked. He got to his feet.

Max also improved his distance in his "crawling." He puts his feet down and his butt in the air and then shoves his face along the bed. He seems to appreciate the high thread count sheets since they help speed him on his way. He can move a fair bit through a combo approach of "crawling" and rolling. He's really doing a good job of getting his knees down, but he hasn't mastered how to work the front half of his body. He also is enjoying tummy time more and more now that he can push his head up and see around. He's also very very stable on sitting up. We made the bed this weekend with him sitting up by the pillows. He ended up sitting up with a lap full of blankets and a very content look on his face. It almost looked like he was ready to drive a little car, with the way he was holding his hands.

Max is making a lot more noises. He makes a noise that sounds a bit like static (or a hairball, your choice of descriptors). And he makes a noise like the noise Mark makes (without realizing it) when he is tickling Max's tummy with his beard. Max is totally mimicking Mark on that. And he also sometimes says "hi da da" and sometimes that is even when Mark is nearby. :)

Max also mimicked us today when he was sitting in front of me and put his face on my tummy. He didn't manage to blow a raspberry but he was definitely doing what we do to him.

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