Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brush Mommy Hair!

Last night I had just put my hair up in a bun when Max appeared with the hair brush. He very nicely said "brush mommy hair" so I took my hair down from the bun and let him brush it. Any time he is willing to string 3 words together, I'm all for it!

Max was also very excited to have a visit from Bob last night. He was literally jumping up and down in the kitchen yelling "Yay Bob! Yay Bob!" and then as soon as he saw Bob he stopped talking and stayed quiet! He did go into his play kitchen and made Bob a series of snacks, including the lettuce and baked bean sandwich. I'm sure Bob is very happy Max only has access to plastic food at this point...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mommy Do!

Max and I were playing with chalk on the driveway on Monday night. I drew a little bit, but then I took over Margaret leaving Max to draw by himself while I stood nearby. I said "Max do!" and he turned to me and said very firmly "Mommy do!"

I was laughing. I still didn't draw for him any more. But I was laughing. And glad he came up with a little sentance for me. Yay Max!

I'm also pleased that when I *was* drawing he was able to identify the shapes and animals. Drawing is not my skill. But I did well enough for him to get the basic idea!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Last night I was brushing Margaret's hair with the pooh-bear hair brush. Max decided he wanted to play with that hairbrush, but Margaret had it in her hands. I offered him the green hairbrush. He didn't want it. But then he reconsidered. He took the green hair brush from me. And then he offered it to Margaret and said "trade, baby" and she gave him the pooh-bear hair brush! Smart boy Max!!!

Once he figured this technique out, he was happy to use it later in the evening. Unfortunately for Max, Margaret is a little more discerning. She had a book. He wanted the book. He offered her the Lambchop toy. She wasn't about to trade for that. So he offered up the toy blackberry. That was a worthwhile trade. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ring Bear

My favorite photo of Max from the weekend...

And here Max is showing off his whole "ring bear" costume before the wedding.

Ring Bear and Best Man


Max and his baby...

They love to "play" with the Mr Potato Head toys.