Friday, October 3, 2008

A few more photos...

Max's WorkDaddy asked that some new happier photos be added to the blog since the new food photos could make you think Max is a grumpy baby. We can't have that. So here are some photos of Max wearing the brown fleece Bob and I picked out for him in Vegas at the outlet. Max wore this tonight to Julian's soccer practice. It worked out great. He was warm but not overheated and was still able to bounce around. Plus he looked super cute and felt super soft! I'm very happy with the way the outfit worked out. :)

Max also has been working on "feeding" himself. He isn't really helping with the solid food, but when it comes to the bottle he's being more and more helpful. I put the handle on his bottle for him earlier this week and he went to town. Too bad it doesn't come with a foot bar, since he opted to get his whole body involved in the process of getting milk into his belly. :)

Max had a few other little milestones this week. He and NannyJo came to have lunch with me and my team at work and Max sat in a highchair for the first time ever. He did ok but soon decided he would rather have one of his adoring fans hold him. He's also transitioned to a bigger carseat for in NannyJo's van. He's going to quickly outgrow his carseat in the mini and the minivan and we are not quite sure of our solution, but at least we have taken care of the problem of NannyJo's van. He seemed to enjoy his mango, although every now and then he seems to hit a sour spot because he makes a fantastically funny sour face. He's sleeping in his crib every night, although last night he wasn't doing so much of the sleeping part. He had me up more than once an hour until I gave up and had Mark take over. Then he slept just fine. Sigh.

Max is also now much more interested in the toys that are a part of his swing. He has two little toys that spin around and he is now batting at them and making them spin. He's very interested in everything he can see and tries to grab at everything. He's also honing his glasses-grabbing skill and can swipe my glasses off my face in seconds.

He's still a fantastically happy little boy and a total delight to me...

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