Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making up for lost time...

I know it seems like it has been so long since I last posted with photos that Max must be in college... But he isn't. :) I've just had some computer woes. And then had about 500 photos to cope with... I hope the resulting cuteness makes up for the delay...

Max pets Gretel. They both seemed to like it.
Max in his JumpJump! Thanks Auntie for sending it over. He's a little too short to reach the ground so we put big plastic tubs under him so that he can prance and bounce. He totally loves it.

Max in a funny hat from Krista.

Max likes Daddy's beard.

Max with Matthew. It was a mutual admiration society for sure!

Max is ready for Halloween with his special shirt and bib. And gymnastics skill...

Max in his special sweater I knit for him with the giant hood. I love it!

Max loves his mummy and his mummy loves him!

Bathtime is fun time!

I have owned this snow suit for a very long time and I was waiting for Max to come along and be the right size to fit into it! He was very warm and snuggly!

My team got me balloons (and flowers and a card and a coldstone cake) for Boss's Day. Thanks team! You guys rock! This is Max and Nik playing with the balloons. Max is getting quite good at moments of standing up without clinging to the edge of the playpen.

Thanks Shelley for the cute zebra outfit and pants!

Thanks Bethany for the cute outfit with the bears on the feet! We all know I love the little feet!

Max modeling a sweater I just made for him. The first time I made it the neck wasn't big enough for his pumpkin head. I ripped out the neck and did it a second time. You know that is love. I never rip things out and do them over.

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