Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Otter Show

We got drenched in the rain, but Max was still having a good time.

The otter was key to the show!

Shamu Shamu!

Max really liked the Shamu show. During the show they ask you to put your hands over your head and yell "Shamu! Shamu!" and Max was LOVING it!
After the Shamu Believe show we went to see the Penguins and Puffins and then went to the Seamore and Clyde Pirate Show (AKA Otter Show), and then went back to the Shamu Believe show. Then we ate at the Terrace and the kids got plates and cups with Shamu on them. After that we saw the sting rays, walked through the Shark Encounter and marveled at the sharks swimming over our head, and then saw the baby dolphins in the dolphin nursery.

Steak and Shake

My long-suffering son...

We opted to eat at the Steak and Shake before heading into Seaworld.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sword in the stone time!

Max's First Ride at Disney

Rainbow after the storm

First Day at Disney

Max and Daddy on Mickey's Playground.

Max did NOT want to get down from the little tower

Minnie's House

Minnie's Mailbox

Welcome to Disney
On our first day we rode the train around to Mickey's Toontime Fair. We saw Minnie's house and Mickey's house and then Max played on the baby playground outside Mickey's house, I rode the teacups ride with Nik and Julian, we all rode the carosel, we ate dinner at Pinnochios, and then we bought Julian his Mickey Mouse Hat and headed for the hotel.

On the way to Disney

Friday, July 24, 2009

Down to get his brothers...

Emma, Julian, and Sarah at Cracker Barrel

Max enjoying the baby rocker

Max takes a turn at driving down to NC to get Nik and Julian. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks Liz!

Max in one of the shirts from Liz. It says One Day I Will be CEO. Anything Can Happen.

Max with Nik's croc again. And his own little adorable shoes. And socks from Grandma. Max went from needing to "Free the Foot Five" to wanting to wear socks and shoes.

Max is proud of his "baby belly"

More Photos

Jedi baby! In action!
Max wearing his baby clarks! Aren't they adorable? :)

Max wearing one of Nik's crocs. He is obsessed with shoes. And can actually manage to put on both of Nik's crocs by himself and then walk around a little.

Max seems not so sure about the whole pool thing... But then he warmed up to it and had fun with me and Mark in the pool. Now he likes to walk around the outside of the pool and dip in a pool noodle.

DJ Max

Max takes care of Mommy

About a week ago I came home from work and started to feel really sick. I ate a few saltines and so did Max. Then I sat on the floor leaning up against the wall. Max walked over to the table where the saltines were, and pointed at them and did the sign for more. I told him that I couldnt get them and he needed to get Daddy. So he went to the garage door (Mark had just gone into the garage) and knocked on the door and yelled for Daddy. When Mark came in, Max grabbed his shorts and dragged him over to the table. He did the more sign and pointed to the crackers. Mark gave him two, and he brought them over and put them in my mouth. What a good baby!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Max helps clean up

A few photos from the 4th of July.

And he doesn't just look sad because his pants don't match!

Five Guys Fry Eating Contest

No one is happy to hear it was a tie! And Jenny is sad that she is a loser!

But then Max and Bob and Super got a little happier since they remembered all the delicious Five Guys Fries that were eaten.

Our "Winners" celebrate.

Who are the losers?

From the Derek Zoolander School of Modeling