Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hospital Photos

Max playing with an empty wipes container.

Obviously he is feeling just fine...

Max standing in his crib in the hospital

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Max gives Privacy Month his baby seal of approval

Max laughs with NannyJo in their matching Privacy Now! shirts. Thanks Joanna!! :)


I was there too!

What a cutie, eh?

Max says Privacy Now!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

107th Post... and Hedgehogs

It is just a fluke, but the photos for today are Hedgehogs and Max. What could be better than that? Otters, maybe. But he doesn't have any otter clothes. Maybe we can find some for his birthday. :)

I just think his little tiny jeans are totally cute. They even have the little leather piece with the logo. And the cargo pockets on the side. Because babies need pockets...

This is Max earlier this week, helping Daddy do the dishes. After rearranging some of the kitchen stuff, like the dish cloths.

His shirt says Hedgehog State -- Little Guy Fast Feet

Max at MyGym again...

Yay for NannyJo! She is the best Nanny EVER!

Here are photos of Max at MyGym this morning! Hurrah!

He is such a happy baby. We are so lucky. And, of course, I think he is totally adorable too!

Max in motion...

Max and a ball of enlightenment from the ball pit

Max in the little rocking boat thing.

He's looking a little serious here... :)

Um... I'm sure he isn't about to lick that ball or anything...

And this is Max with one of the big foam rings. Julian likes to lay in it and have someone roll it like a giant tire.

A million thanks to NannyJo for sending me these photos while I am at work. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Max has been going to MyGym for quite a while, and he started his own class at the end of January. During the class, big crawling tubes are available for the babies to crawl through. Max hasn't been interested in doing so. He is happy to push the tube along and walk, but crawling through it was not high on his list.

Last night at MyGym he was on one side of the tube and I was on the other end. He would peek through the tube at me and then smile, and then stand up and look over the top of the tube. And then he decided to crawl through it! It was so cool! He made his decision and he went with it and he made it all the way through. I was delighted! And then about 20 minutes later he crawled through a different tube! It was just so great to see him doing something new, and doing it because he wanted to do it. It has been really fun to see how he has changed during his time at MyGym. From being carried around in the sling to learning how to take a few steps while holding both of my hands, to walking around all by himself and crawling through the tube. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Max at MyGym

NannyJo sent me these photos last Friday of Max at MyGym. I'm loving them! Thanks NannyJo!
He clearly has a fun time!

He is sitting in the big plastic turtle full of colored wiffle balls. He had a good time with those when I was there with them because he can put his fingers through the balls and hold them. When these balls are not available one of his favorite MyGym activities is to walk around while holding a ball from the ball pit. So this is a much easier option for him.

And this is always Max's favorite part of MyGym. He just loves to go in the baby swing!
And yes, I know he needs a haircut. We have an appointment scheduled for Saturday...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love Mommy THIS much
Max at Tea Time Knitting on Valentine's Day wearing his I Love Tea Time Knitting shirt.

This little seat is so coiol! Thanks Hopie!!

Thanks for helping with the photo-documentation Matt!

Baby's First Valentine's bib. :)

Fine Mom. Go ahead and take another picture if you have to...

Look at all those teeth!!!

I think his first word might be Gretel!

Max is thinking that Momy must really want a photo of him in this sweater since she never lets him take the mixer parts out of the cupboard! Thanks to Jenn for this totally adorable sweater. He's also styling in his brown Clarks here, ready to go and have his photo taken for his UK passport.

He can almost touch his toes!

I just love this little sweater and I'm glad it still fits him so well.

Still walking

I promise, we do actually own pants for Max. We just never seem to have him in pants when he is ready to do a video of his walking talents...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Max and Nik

Hi Mom!
Yeh, I know how cute I am...

Uncle Russ is helping Max get ready for the return trip from Nik...

Max making progress towards Nik. Nik is very excited!

And here he comes back again!

Max is loving walking! He walks all over the place. And this weekend he even walked to Nik!

Sporty Max

Max may been too sick with his little baby cold to make it to MyGym, but he is able to wear some sporty apparel...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Max Walks (and other cuteness)

Now that Max will walk the length of the kitchen between me and Daddy, I was able to get a video of him walking towards me. He has quite the focused expression but I promise that once he has reached the safety of a parent he is all smiles and happiness. He really was into walking between us tonight. Although he had us laughing when he thought the distance between us was too great, because he would just veer off to the side immediately and grab onto the stove or the cabinets!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Max taking a break from his busy baby schedule of cruising...

Max now loves to push the lion toy around.

Max is playing with the Fridge Whammer. While wearing a different pair of shoes. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but he is putting the letter into the whammer. Yay baby!!!

Max chilling out just a few minutes ago, enjoying some cheerios with his feet up...

And Max is occasionally willing to share his blog with Mommy's work photos...
Privacy Now!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New shoes. a shower, and new snacks

Max eating his zwieback toast. This was a new food today and he demolished it!

Max didn't actually eat any of this carrot, but he had a fun time chewing on it like Mommy and Daddy.

Today Max took a walk down to the park. He didn't walk the whole way but he did walk a little bit and he did it while wearing his new little brown Carter's shoes. :) His favorite part of the walk was definitely the swing at the playground. I think that was his favorite part of his MyGym class too. He's wearing the little outfit MitreBob helped me find in Vegas. It is soft and brown and has a hood. How can you go wrong with that?
Max hasn't been happy about his bath lately, so we tried something new today. He took a shower with me. And it worked out pretty well. I didn't wash his hair since it was the first attempt, but he liked standing in the shower and the water didn't seem to bother him like the bath does.
He isn't really crawling yet, prefering to walk around, but he has been doing more commando crawling around the house and he is getting faster. He almost always chooses to cruise instead of commando crawl, but when he opts to crawl he is getting a lot faster.