Monday, November 30, 2009

Max has fun with NannyJo

Where's Max?

Hey baby, how you doin'?

Thanks to NannyJo for the photos and the captions!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Max Does Chores

Mark spent a lot of time outside this weekend working on raking the leaves. Max was really excited about helping. So much so that I had to take him outside on Sunday morning and rake leaves with him. I'm not sure how I got stuck with raking leaves, but at least it gave me some good photo opportunities...
This is Max using the big rake. He is not in any way detered by it being far bigger than he is!

Here is Max with his tiny baby rake. Kyle bought this rake for me and Angie several years ago when we had the cicadas. The rake has a hook on the non-rake end so we were able to empty out the skimmer baskets without reaching our hand in to the cicada-infested water. And now it is a tiny little rake that Max can use. Thanks Kyle! Here Max is working on the flower bed.

And here is Max using his baby rake in the part of the yard that actually got raked. Note that he must have his tongue sticking out for this work. :)

His shirt is seasonally inappropriate, but this shows his new big boy haircut. We think he looks a lot older now that his hair is so much shorter. I'm still getting used to it.
Max also has two new words. He says "Yeh!" and "yogurt." If you ask him any question, he will pretty much say Yeh now in response. Or he will shake his head no. So that is pretty fun. We learned that he knew yogurt over the weekend when he tried to get into the fridge but already had a bottle of milk. When I closed the fridge he started crying. I asked him what he wanted and he said yogurt. So I opened the fridge again and handed him a yogurt and he was immediately soothed. We then sat together at the table and he mostly fed it to himself. It was a bit on the messy side, but he was very happy and did a pretty good job with it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Max is still a very busy boy. So busy that he had to wake up at 4am and not go back to sleep again until we were driving to work. Between Margaret keeping us up Monday night and Max keeping us up last night, Mommy and Daddy are really needing some sleep!!

Here are some pictures of ActionMax!

Max "playing" game cube with Nik.

Max is very excited about feeding himself his oatmeal. He is happy to eat oatmeal several times a day just so that he can put the food on the spoon and get it into his mouth. And it is good for him, so that works out well for everyone. :)

And this photo was taken this morning. Max playing with Nik's light up light saber.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun with Max

Over the weekend Max started playing peekaboo with me and Mark. He puts his hands over his eyes, palm side out, and hides until you ask"Where's Max?" and then he pulls his hands away and laughs and laughs and laughs. I have been saying peekaboo to him but so far he seems uninterested in saying the words. But at least he is having fun.

The doctor said we needed to work on animal sound identification. So we got the Farm Babies book out of the library and I have been reading it to him. He is now very excited to get to the end where the picture is of ducklings. He points to each of the ducklings and says "Ducky!" very excitedly. But then when I asked him what noise a duck made, he growled. So looks like we are going to fail on animal sound identification...

Max was also very excited about feeding himself this weekend. The suction-bottomed bowls seem to work very well on his high chair tray. He did very well with the oatmeal, because I was able to make it fairly thick. The applesauce, however, was much messier. But he definitely has the idea and is able to get food on his spoon and get his spoon to his mouth without tipping the food off. It just tends to run off the back of his spoon when he angles it to get it into his mouth.

Max's new words, other than Ducky, are cookie and yummy. Yummy Cookie makes sense but I am not so sure about Yummy Ducky. Especially if duckies are vicious growling animals...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Floss Phone

Max's obsession with the phone continues... He now asks for the dental floss and then flips it open and puts the open part down by his mouth like a phone. Since no one in the house has a flip phone, I am not sure where he learned this, but is sure is cute! He also freaked out a little this morning when my blackberry alarm went off. He had to get it right away and bring it to me. When Wendy called my blackberry Max grabbed it and came running to me yelling "Mommy! Mommy!" At least he is trying to help! And he's awfully cute while doing it.

I didn't photo document him this morning, but he and I did end up dressed alike. Brown cord pants and gold/tan soft tops. This is Max wearing the same outfit a few days ago...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Max at MyGym

Thanks to Nanny Jo for sending this excellent photo of Max enjoying his last class of this session. What a happy boy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It hasn't QUITE been a month

But as Max's WorkDaddy pointed out, I have been slacking...

So here are some photos to tide you over until I can do a real post...

Max now gets his milk out of the fridge himself, to speed us up with putting it in his bottle.

Max came to our Halloween Party at the office. I keep the yellow chair under my desk for my feet, so he was pretty excited to see his chair at the office. And he decided he needed to wear my badge.

Max sleeping with the puppy toy from James and Ryan. I did not pose the picture. This is really how he fell asleep. That puppy is critical to bedtime now.

Max wearing his Tony Hawk t-shirt from Grandma!