Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Standing and Grabbing

Max had a first today... He grabbed a toy and started playing with it. Up until now we have been giving him toys and he has been playing with them. Or he has been grabbing fingers or hair. But this was the first time he initated play with a toy that was not given to him. You can imagine how proud I am. :)

Also today Max really got into standing up. We have started holding his arms instead of holding his body. And he is loving it!! He likes to lean forward and then lean back and then lean forward again. He tightens his grip when he is pulling himself forwards. He is in control. And he is loving it. This has taken his love of standing to a new level.

Max also seems to be having a bit of a growth spurt. He is eating and sleeping a lot more than normal. Today when I picked him up from Joanna's he fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed asleep for over an hour and a half. His normal daytime nap is more like 15 minutes than 1.5 hours. Last night he slept from 8.30 to midnight and then 12.30 to 5am when I had to wake him up to feed him so that I could go to work. I am hoping for another good night of sleep tonight...

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