Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Max and his Toys

Max has been really getting into his toys lately. He's loving the Intellitainer (and he is very focused while he plays with it and is definitely doing some multi-tasking)but he is also loving some of his other smaller toys too. His love of the inchworm is still strong. And the frog toy. And his cow blankie toy. And he's really getting into the Winkel. And the Mozart Music Cube is also becoming a favorite (Thanks Tracey!). I had him sitting up in my lap and he was focused on the flashing lights and the music. We are trying to do better with tummy time. The mirror part of his floor gym seems to be a little more interesting to him now. Today was a bath day. And his hair is starting to grow long enough that I can play with it again. So he has a little bit of a faux hawk in the post-bath photos from today.

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