Sunday, July 27, 2008

Milestones -- Grabbing and Rolling

So Max had a couple of big milestones this weekend.

Friday night he rolled from his back to his side and then to his front. Unfortunately he was doing this while sleeping next to me and babies are not supposed to sleep face down, so I had to keep turning him over.

On the way to breakfast Mark and I heard a noise from his carseat. He has a pony or a camel hanging from each of his carseats. The feet are rattles. Several weeks ago he figured out that hitting the feet made the rattle sound. Yesterday he figured out that if he pulls down on the legs it stretches the toy down to him and when he lets go it makes a rattling sound as it goes back up. He did it quite a few times in a row on the way to breakfast and then he did it on the way home too. He seems quite proud of his new skill.

And then yesterday evening I put him down on the bed with all the covers pushed back. He had a lot of room for rolling. And he did! He rolled from his back to his front very deliberately. I flipped him over and he did it again and again. So he's done front to back and back to front.

As you can imagine we were very excited. :)

At breakfast yesterday Max enjoyed another bottle from Wendy. She definitely knows the way to his heart! Based on the way he was trying to chew on his bottle with his back teeth, Wendy has agreed with our assumption that Max is teething. He's definitely been trying to chomp down on our fingers when he can shove them into his mouth. I got out the teething rings and he seems somewhat interested in them, although confused by their coldness.

Yesterday to Tea Time Knitting he wore a onesie decorated by Lori, plaid shorts handed down from Niki, and his little crocs. Thanks to Lori and Niki for making the outfit possible. :) Max has big feet for a little baby so I started making him new socks that will be bigger. Hopefully I can get them done before his feet grow much bigger! I'm fascinated by the concept of baby shorts. His legs are so small! And then the shorts are so tiny. I'm loving it.

Max also had a bath over the weekend and his hair has grown back enough that I can start playing with it again. It doesn't stay in punk-mode for long, but I am enjoying it while it lasts. :)

And today Max would like to wish both his Grandad and his WorkDaddy a very Happy Birthday!!

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