Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nachos and Intellitainer

Grandpa was a surprize visitor! He flew in from CA via Houston and opted to sleep at our house rather than trying to make the drive to Lynchburg around midnight. Max had some quality time hanging out with him this morning before breakfast. Although he managed to barf only on me and not at all on Grandpa. I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky.

After breakfast Grandpa headed for home and we did a little shopping. It was time to get a new baby monitor and I couldn't resist some new clothes. We also got more of the magical pacifier that he loves at bedtime and some fun new toys.

Max had a big milestone today -- he put his hand on my plate to get my nachos! Luckily he didn't really get any nachos and I was able to get the sour cream off his hands before he made a big mess.

This afternoon we put him in his Intellitainer for the first time. His legs don't reach the ground but that didn't stop him from totally loving it! He was flailing around and smacking at the buttons to make the music. He grabbed at the hanging toys. He reached for the bus. He batted at the wheels and made them spin. He was totally engaged and had a great time. Still no feet-in-mouth. But I remain optimistic that we will get there. He is also doing a better job of sleeping in big chunks at night. For this I am truly grateful!!

Other photos from today include Max not quite getting his feet into his mouth while wearing the Chicks Dig Me onesie, Max looking like Guinan from Star Trek: Next Generation, Max sleeping at Spartans with his hand on his little giggle bug from Auntie (and a close up of the cute), Max and his ribbon blankie from Hopie (thanks Hopie!), Max and my blankie from Patty (thanks Patty!), Max in his cute overalls, and Max doing his Elvis impersonation.

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