Thursday, July 3, 2008

The big birthday weekend...

Max had a good weekend and a good week. He enjoyed seeing lots of folks at the birthday party, although he opted to not swim. He spent some quality time in his bouncy seat and also posed for some funny photos...

We realized big bottles of wine are for adults. So small bottles of wine must be for babies. Max was only too happy to pose. And then to try to drink out of the bottle. Luckily Hopie had already emptied the bottle. Max also posed with Jay and a cigarette next to the sign on his bouncer that says it is ok to smoke around the bouncer because it is flame retardant.

Krista also brought over some great stuff for Max from Duncan, including a cute hat!

And it was great to see Julie. Max enjoyed hanging out with her too.

Max also sat in Nik's Spiderman chair. You can't see me sitting just out of the frame ready to stabilize him. He seemed to enjoy the sensation of sitting up without someone holding him.

On Sunday we had a surprize visit from Braz! Max enjoyed meeting him and Dawn and Stephen. It was just a quick visit but definitely nice.

Later on Sunday evening Matt, Wendy, and Hayley came over to watch Ace of Cakes. Wendy again demonstrated her baby skills (hoping to inspire Hayley to have a baby in about 10 years) and calmed Max down. She didn't get him to fall asleep this time, but that was most likely because he was hungry and she wasn't going to take care of that problem. :)

On Monday Max started going to NannyJo's during the day. He seems to be enjoying his adoring fans. And Jo's girls seem to be enjoying having a baby to dress up.

On Monday night (or rather early Tuesday morning) Max learned a new skill! He made the thumbs up sign. And then was so fascinated with his new skill that he stayed away for an hour admiring his hand. I wanted to be sleeping. Ah well.

And now he is cooing and giggling in his playpen, so I am going to stop updating you and return to snuggling with Max!

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