Friday, July 11, 2008


We are in the zone... Max has found his feet. And he is still flexible enough to put them in his mouth! He hasn't managed it quite yet, but he is getting close. And I will be even more vigilant with the camera this weekend (I know you didn't think that was possible) to capture the moment for all to see.

Max is now 15.5 pounds. Almost twice his weight at birth. And 15 weeks old today.

James and Ryan and their beagle puppy Zoe came to visit yesterday. Unfortunately they caught Max right before he took a nap so he wasn't at his most friendly and engaging. He did demonstrate some of his skills with standing and did some fantastic demonstrations of what happens when you eat more than will fit in your tiny baby tummy...

This weekend Grandad is coming to visit and Daddy and I are both looking forward to that!

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