Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Haircut

This morning I had my haircut appointment with Karen. She cut my hair the second time I did Locks of Love. She cut my hair and styled it for my wedding. She got Max a present and gave it to me the first time I went in for a haircut after Max's birth (also the first haircut I had after the wedding). She's fantastic. And then although Max's appointment was scheduled with someone else (because she didn't have an opening in her schedule after my haircut) she gave Max his first haircut! My haircut didn't take as much time as scheduled and the person who was going to cut Max's hair was running behind, so Karen was the one. I was very happy. Also happy that Morgan (who works the reception desk) was willing to take a zillion photos of Max getting his hair cut for the first time!

I held him and he sat in my lap with his tiny baby cape on. It was just too cute! Who knew they made a tiny cape for babies? Unfortunately Max was a bit on the hungry side (he ate at 8am and then not again until after the haircut since he was asleep the whole morning after breakfast at Spartans) and got a bit cranky. I could tell he was hungry because he attempted to feed from my nose, leaving a hickey. :) But he did pretty well and we are very happy with his haircut.

In celebration of his new Baby Executive Hairstyle, I put him into his dress shirt. :) Privacy Blue, of course! And for the first time in his life his hair is not past his collar...

And don't worry -- in addition to photos we also have some of his hair to put in the scrapbook!

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