Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Update... plus 2 month checkup

I finally got the photo ready to post to the Disney Baby Bed Head Contest, but I missed the deadline. Here is the photo I was going to submit. At least this way I can just assume he would have won. Because what could be cuter?

His 2 month checkup went well. He is now 13 pounds, 2 ounces and 23 inches long. That puts him at 77% for weight and 52% for height. No longer is he tall and skinny... He is in good health with no issues. They gave him his shots and the one vaccine by mouth. He did not like the shots at all! No real surprize there. Friday night he was extra clingy and woke up more to eat in the night, but he seemed to be back to himself by Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday we were able to get him tiny little baby crocs. Photos to follow. He wore them to Jay's BBQ on Saturday afternoon. He also modeled his tiny little sunglasses. He seems to like them, at least for the short periods of time I have tried to have him wear them. Mostly his hat takes care of his sun-blocking needs.

On Sunday he went with me to Matt and Wendy's to watch Pride and Prejudice. He slept through most of it but was able to make a quick round through the folks there to be snuggled. :)

Today he is focusing on eating and sleeping and being held. He was up extra in the night to eat, but seems to be willing to go to sleep in his swing right now. Think positive sleeping thoughts...

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