Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home with Daddy

I started to feel sick in the middle of the night last night. Not good before having to do public speaking... So Daddy came home to take care of Max while I had to go and do my public speaking. It meant that we were not exposing NannyJo and her kids to any possible illness I was fighting off, it meant I didn't have to get Max ready to leave the house, and it meant I could drive directly to the conference without making any stops. Also I didn't have to hold the baby after getting dressed in my girl clothes. This can be a good thing, esp after Max pooped on my dress clothes on Tuesday.

Before my stressful speaking event, Max and I went to lunch with Matt and Wendy. It was a nice way to celebrate my last Wednesday at home. Max had a nice time cooing at the waitress and snuggling with Wendy.

Things went well for me at the meeting (and by that I mean they only asked me one question and I knew the answer), and Max was very happy at home having Daddy hold him all the time. And any time Daddy wanted to put him down, Max let Daddy know that was not ok by him. :) He also had a nice bottle from Daddy.

After dinner Max went to visit Hayes and Gizmo. It was his first experience with pugs. And I think it went ok. He also got to be held by Laurie, and this time he didn't even puke on her. Yay Max!

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