Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here are some photos of Max. The first one is him in his footed sleeper that has a matching hat and matching bib. And the second one is a close up of his baby crocs. :) Target $5.99. So worth it!
Yesterday morning Max went in the pool for the first time. He had been dipped in a few times from the edge by Daddy, but this was his first time in a swim diaper and really spending some time in the pool. The pool is 85 degrees which is the hottest it has ever been. But it still feels cold. So we had to ease in. He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it. He seemed to get used to it. He didn't like that it was cold but he liked swirling around in the water. I'll definitely keep giving it a try to see if he will get to liking it. His brothers were in the pool from about 10am to 230pm. One day that will be Max too. :)
Max also had a little visit with his almost birthday buddies yesteday at lunchtime. Nick and Alex were born on March 26. They are now about 12 pounds, but Max at 13 pounds looks a whole lot bigger. I think it is because his cheeks are 80% of his weight. :)
In the afternoon he went to the surprize birthday party for Krista. It was a super hot day but the party was a lot of fun. And it was fun that Krista was totally surprized when we all jumped out and yelled Surprize! Max slept through the entire yelling part. When he's ready for a nap, he's going to get it.
Max slept from 10pm to 6am and then from 730 to 830. And I was able to sleep most of that time. Between 10pm and 3am he was a little fussy but Daddy managed to keep him from waking up completely. What a nice Daddy. I definitely appreciate getting that sleep. And Daddy is appreciating a little nap right now. :)
Max did some quality time in his play mat this morning and then did some tummy time without complaining. He still doesn't use his arms and doesn't really like tummy time, but the period of time he will spend on his tummy without fussing is increasing.

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