Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being at work...

It is nowhere near as nice for me to be at work instead of being with Max all day. I'm finding it very tiring, and I think it is mostly because I miss being around Max.

Daddy has been doing a fantastic job taking care of Max and his brothers and the house. He's gotten a lot accomplished. Max seems to be still adjusting to the change. He ate a lot on Monday, less on Tuesday, and even less on Wednesday. Yesterday I got home at 3.30 and he ate. And then he ate at 4.30. And then at 5.30 he and I both fell asleep. At 8pm we woke up. He ate again. And again. And he was asleep for the night at 9.30. But then woke up at 11pm, 2.30am, and 4.30am to eat. I'd prefer to get a full night's sleep and have him eat more during the day, but I think the nap yesterday was more disruptive to our schedule. But at the time, it wasn't really an optional nap. I was wiped out. And snuggling with Max is a delightful way to fall asleep. I'll have to add more photos next time I post from my home computer since I can't see my other photos online but I can see the photos I post here! :)

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