Friday, May 30, 2008

Bath Night

Last night Max got a bath. Big brother helped out, which was nice. Max is very clean and smells good, esp his puffy hair. :) He still enjoys having a bath. He seems to like the warm water. And unless the water goes in his nose he doesn't complain. I think that when he gets older he will be more like his cousin Alfie with the splashing about. But for the moment he seems content to just enjoy the sensations.

He then went on to sleep from 10pm to 6.30am. 8.5 hours! Yay! And I slept from 10.30 to 6.30. 8 hours of consecutive sleep feels great!!

Maybe Max's dancing helped him to sleep through the night. He spent about 15 minutes in my lap dancing, and then did a little more dancing on the bed last night with Daddy while I was putting away the laundry. He likes to have us move his hands and then he moves his legs, although he will allow us to do his legs while he does his arms. He really seems to love music!

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