Friday, June 13, 2008

2 Days at home together

Max and I have been enjoying our time together.

Yesterday I made pancakes for breakfast, gave Max a bath, did a mini-photo-shoot for our Father's Day gift for Daddy, and then walked the big kids to school. Max fell asleep in the sling before I even got to the bottom of the driveway. His Indiana Baby hat totally does the trick for keeping the sun out of his eyes. We had a few minutes at home before leaving for my doctor's appointment. Max had a fantastic job cooing to the nurses. They took him while I was having my back adjusted and played with him the whole time. Max was loving it!!

On the way home we stopped off to get Nik's birthday supplies and Max fell asleep in his carseat in the store. When we got home I was able to keep him asleep and he didn't wake up until after 1pm. That has to be a new record for a daytime nap!

In the afternoon we invited ourselves over to Nan's house and I was able to do some scrapbooking on his baby album. It was nice to have some social time, and to get started on his album. There are many photos still to go. And Max enjoyed taking a nap while Nan was holding him.

This morning we all walked up to school together. Because it is the last day of school and the day before Nik's birthday, we had cupcakes for Nik's class. So Max got to visit Max's classroom. And while we were in the school we popped over to Julian's classroom too. Max was admired by all the kids. And I think it was a nice surprize for Julian. :)

Max and I came home and relaxed for a while. Enjoying the cool quiet of the empty house. And then we got a call from the school that Nik was sick and needed to be picked up. So Max is learning about Dora and Clifford while Nik does some vegging out on the couch. Max was enjoying snuggling and then fell asleep and went happily down for a nap. He's such a good baby. :)

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