Monday, November 17, 2008

Max Stands!

Max spent a lot of his weekend walking around. He managed a few moments of standing on his own. About 5-10 seconds before he grabbed onto something. He spent so much time walking around that his brothers had to help out before his parents became permanently bent over! He loves to walk around and he's walking fast fast fast. He even knows to lift up his food for the step between the kitchen and the living room. He can't manage the second step since it is full size, but the first step up is a little one and he can lift his foot up on to the step. He is very excited about walking around and would happily do it for hours. When we need a break he is also willing to spend a little time walking around inside the playpen, although he hasn't yet mastered walking along the sides where the "walls" are higher. He also likes to hold on to the playpen or our hands with just one hand, while he practices balancing. He's such a happy baby!

He is also very fast at rolling over on the bed, and is starting to get the hang of getting his feet/legs under him in a crawling kind of motion.

Photos to follow shortly...

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