Monday, November 24, 2008

It's all in how you hold your mouth...

This is Max walking. He started sticking his tongue out today while he was walking. Because the trick to doing anything new and/or tricky is to stick your tongue out properly..

Like this!

Here he is in motion. Because it is really hard to get a picture of him that doesn't involve him walking. Because that is ALL he wants to do.
If anyone wants to come over and walk around hunched over, holding his hands, just give us a call. :) He's very straightforward about what he wants. He will take each of your hands and then he will take off!
He has mastered the stairs. Well, I say mastered. It isn't like he can move anywhere without help. But he puts his feet on the two stairs between the living room and the kitchen just like he will need to when he actually starts walking...

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