Sunday, November 30, 2008

8 months have passed in a flash...

Max likes to sit in Hayley's lap. :)

Thanks for the bottle Grandpa!

My Little Turkey, in his high chair for the first time.

Max almost lunged off his changing table to try to reach the hat, so I assumed that meant he wanted to wear it. :)

Max is looking stylish again... Thanks to gifts from people with good matching skills. :)

He's such a happy baby. This is right after his bath. He is sporting executive baby hair, although it is hard to see that from the photo.

I can't believe Max is already 8 months (and 2 days). He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving. He took a pre-meal nap and woke up just in time to join everyone at the table. He really seemed to enjoy sitting in his high chair. He had carrots and papaya for his Thanksgiving dinner.

Max also enjoyed spending time with family and with friends. Grandpa and Uncle Michael walked him around. Grandpa gave him a bottle. Uncle Michael put him down for a nap. Granny spent a lot of time holding him. Dylan gave him a nice kiss and tickled him a little. And then Uncle Russ came to visit! And he was also willing to walk around with Max to the delight of everyone, especially Mommy and Daddy who feel like their backs will not make it through this stage... :) Hayley and Wendy gave Max some good snuggle time at dessert.
But now Max's patience with the blog is at an end and he wants his mommy...

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