Monday, September 1, 2008

Big changes at 5 months

Max and Karen.

Max loves that baby in the mirror!

Before the haircut...

Max in his carseat wtih his super soft bunny from Damon and Maaria in Finland.

Max playing with a balloon! He had such a great time laughing and playing with his brothers. He was just going wild!

I said he was standing. I didn't say he was all that happy about it...

Max's Hokie Butt at Chipotle.

Max's first bites of cereal.

Max in his "Miriam Hat" to compare to the earlier photos where he looked so shrimpy and delicate. He's delicate no more. He's officially 18 pounds at 5 months.

Max had a lot of big moments this weekend.

First solid food!
First movement forward while crawling!
First moments standing unassisted!
Second haircut!
First balloon!

Max mostly enjoyed the long weekend with Mommy and the family. I was home on Friday as well as Labor Day, so it was a great long weekend all around. It will be hard to go back to work tomorrow!

Friday Max went with me to take each of the big kids to their schools for Open House. He took a moment to sit at Julian's desk as well, while sitting on my lap. It was nice to meet the teachers and to see the rooms so that I have a feel for how their day will go. Both kids have very nice teachers, so I think it will be a good year for both of them.

Saturday morning we went to the Kindest Cut for haircuts. I got mine cut and blow-dryed (so it looked longer afterwards than it had before). And then Max got his cut. Max was less hungry and more cooperative so Karen was able to really give him a good haircut. He was even able to hide the little baby-pattern-baldness he's got going on. His hair at his neck is now about 2 inches shorter! It's quite the dramatic change.

Saturday at lunchtime we gave Max his first taste of cereal. We put him in his London bib from Pauline and then I held him while Mark fed him. At first Max seemed confused by the experience. And then he decided he didn't like it. I don't know that any of the cereal actually made it down his throat. We tried again on Sunday with the same success ratio. This morning I gave him a little "cream" on a spoon and that seemed a little more positive although he still seemed confused. We are about to have lunch so we'll try again with the cereal. We are mixing it with milk to try to make it seem more desirable.

This morning Max woke up around 9am. That was fantastic for me! I went to bed around 9pm and Mark kept Max downstairs until about 3am. Six hours of sleep in a row. And then I fed Max and we went back to sleep until 6am, and then I fed him again and we went back to sleep until 9am. Yay sleep! When he woke up this morning for the last time I snuggled in bed with him for a little bit. He rolled towards Daddy so that he could pull on his hair (Daddy slept through the whole thing). I scooted Max away from Mark so that he didn't wake him up. He had already rolled to his belly so he was in the right position for crawling. He managed to scoot himself forward just a little bit, just so that he could reach Daddy and Daddy's hair. It wasn't a great crawl, but it was a huge improvement over his other tummy time pre-crawling experiences.

Early this afternoon I was holding Max on my lap. I put him down so that he was standing on the floor. Then I moved his hands forward so that they were on the kitchen chair. I moved my hands away and he stayed standing. Not for long, before moving enough that I grabbed him, but for a few moments. We did it a few more times and he seemed pretty happy about it. So we will keep working on that...

Time for lunch for everyone and then more Labor Day shopping...

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