Monday, September 22, 2008

The photos, as promised

Max and his muffin top, being silly. This is the silly smile that reminded me of Abi.

Max has a new addition to his floor gym. The rainbow "kick toy" that he is kicking in this photo. It has nice mellow chimes.

Max modeling the duckie jacket from Granny's friend.

Max in the sweater from Auntie. A perfect fit!

He's such a goof!

Here Max is watching the animusic video with Nik. He was really into it. Nik is not quite visible in the photo but he LOVES to watch these videos.

Max of Arabia with Nanny Jo!

Yay!!!! Feet in Mouth Photos!!!!

Santa Max!

Max had way less issues with his crib than Mommy...

Out of order photo, but Max of Arabia deserved a second photo. :)

Julian really knows how to get Max laughing!

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