Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mid-Weekend Update

My family. :)

Max and Julian (and the bunny from Damon and Maaria)

Max and Daddy (taking Nik to school)

Max and Linwood!

I guess it should not have been a surprize that the first thing Max did in his first ever bubble bath was put a handful of bubbles to his mouth.

This is what he did to himself.

And this is what I did. So he could look like his Daddy. :)

Maybe I can have a career in advertising with my excellent product placement!

He LOVED the bubble bath. And the magic of the vapors seemed to help his little baby cold.

Friday I was home from work with Max because he got sick on Thursday night. Mark was watching Max on Thursday night so that I could try to get some sleep. Very sadly for Mark, Max' s new cold made it impossible for either of them to sleep for chunks of time in excess of an hour. When I got up at 5am to get ready for work I found a very exhausted Mark and a baby who was snuffly and pathetic. Mark went up to get some sleep and I took over on baby duty after sending an email to the office to say that sick baby trumped privacy.

The doctor's office confirmed that it was just a cold and told me what to look for as far as food allergies or ear infections in the future. They said the would much rather see a baby with a cold on a Friday than miss something else and have it wait until after the weekend. So that was good news. They also confirmed his weight at 18 pounds, 8 ounces. He's a major chunk! In knitting related fat-baby news, his ankles are 7+ inches around, so I need to pull out the sock I started and make it again at double size so that it will fit around his monster legs.

We pretty much had a quiet weekend so far because of Hurricane Helena. Lots of rain and darkness but no major power outages or flooding.

I was surprized to hear from Linwood who is rarely in the DC area, so Max and I braved the rain and headed down to Jay and Bart's to visit. Lindwood is great with kids and Max really enjoyed hanging out with him. Me too, of course. :)

Because of Max's cold we opted to give him a bubble bath with the vapor bath stuff. It was his first time really having water to splash around in. He seemed to really enjoy it. He was splashing about and looking at the bubbles. When I turned on the water to rinse him off he had a good time again. Now we have a humidifier downstairs so I'm going to retire to the couch and hope that the steam and sitting upright will help him (and therefore me) get some sleep.

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