Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 5 Month Birthday Max!!

So today Max is 5 months old. And tomorrow we will give him rice cereal for the first time... Hopefully we can get some photos of that. And I'm still hoping for that photo of Max with his feet in his mouth.

There are many reasons I love my husband, but primary in my mind at the moment is the 6 + 2 hours of sleep I got last night. I was exhausted. So Mark kept Max downstairs when I went up to bed at 9pm. I was asleep by 9.15. And at 3.15am Mark woke me up when he brought Max up to bed. 6 hours of sleep in a row. That is the most sleep I have had in the last 5 months, and for several months before that as well. No interruptions. Just sleep. I even had dreams. Today I feel tired, but just tired. Not exhausted like I was yesterday. I feel much more functional. And I'm very happy that I get to sleep in for the next 4 mornings in a row!!

As for other Max updates... He's still working on rolling over on a hard surface. He's pretty good with rolling over on the bed or the couch, and he's doing better at rolling over when he is down on the floor. He still loves to stand, but his new favorite activity is smiling at his brothers. And he loves to play peekaboo with Julian. He likes to watch Nik dancing and seems to be bopping along with him. He is really into his toys, especially his super soft bunny from Finland, his inchworm from the Krauses, and his giggle bug from Auntie in England. He also likes his plastic links and is getting quite good at moving them from hand to hand. He's also quite good at throwing them. He is also mastering taking his pacifier out of his mouth, waving it around, and then getting it back into his mouth. Sometimes he puts it in crooked but that seems to be somewhat intentional. When he wants to suck on it he seems to be able to get it put back in properly.

He's got a weird habit of crying right before he falls asleep for the first time at night. The best ways for me to get him to fall asleep are for me to hold him in my arms and rock him a little while patting his back, or to cuddle up next to him on the couch and pat his back. At NannyJo's house he seems to fall asleep in the swing, but he won't fall asleep in our swing. I think the difference may be that ours is a front to back swing and NannyJo can make hers go side to side.

He's a fantastic baby and I am happy that I get to spend the next 4 days with him instead of being at work!

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