Monday, September 22, 2008

Vegas kept me from posting...

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I was in Vegas most of last week and recovering most of the weekend... I'm not at home so I can't load up photos, but I promise I will do so very soon. There are lots of photos and a few videos too...

The trip to Vegas was good, although I missed Max and the rest of the family. That part was very not good, even with zillions of photos of Max on hand to help me through. I also thought I would magically catch up on my sleep and that didn't happen either. I was able to do a little knitting on the trip which was nice. I made Max socks to match one of his sweaters. It worked out nicely that I could do a sock on the flight between Atlanta and Las Vegas. And I was also able to bring back a half a gallon of milk in my suitcase with no problems. So that was good news.

After I returned home and Max had his first meal from the source he was all smiles and happiness. :) Apparently he was a very good boy while I was gone. Mark's Aunt Maria came and stayed while I was gone to help out with all of the kids. She said that Max was a happy boy while I was gone but that he was clearly happier when I was back home. She also thinks Max will walk early. He was showing off to her by moving his feet as if to walk while she was holding his arms. He also loved to do the bucking bronco ride with her, and he loved his "taxi rides" on her shoulder. He likes to be able to see things and to move around.

On Friday evening I put him into a new outfit and I wanted to photodocument, of course. But he was crying. Until I took the first photo. Then he was all smiles and poses. What a baby!

On Saturday we had our big photo session ready for our Xmas photos. The first set of photos included everyone in blue shirts and jeans except Santa Baby. He was adorable to the point of the photo people asking to keep one of the photos of him! We did a number of photos like that and then we had a costume change to a blue shirt and jeans for Max so that we could have a regular family photo. And then one last costume change to the sweater I made for him with the matching socks and jeans. He's such a ham! It was hard for me to choose just a few pictures to purchase. I wanted a photo of me and Max together and those ones didn't come out like I wanted. So I'll go and try again after my next hair cut. I got all sorts of emotional and teary-eyed when I was telling the photographer what I wanted. I guess I'm not done with the crazy hormones quite yet!

Last night we moved Max into his crib for the first time. I wasn't really ready emotionally. And Max seems to be having another growth spurt or he is just having a feeding frenzy. So it was a long night of not much sleep with him crying, me getting out of bed, me getting him out of his crib, me taking him to the rocking chair and feeding him, me rocking him a little, me putting him back in his crib, and then me getting back into bed. Much more involved that having him right next to me. I'm totally exhausted today and hoping that sugar and caffeine can serve as a sleep replacement. Or that I can cut out of the office a little early today to head home for a nap. :) Max seemed to do ok with sleeping in the crib, other than waking up to eat. So I just need to have him sleep for longer chunks of time and I need to come to terms with having less snuggle time with him.

And now it is time to get back to working. Alas...

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