Friday, January 7, 2011

Max helps me bake

Sorry that I still don't have the pictures of Max's first day ready to share. I got home late and then spent all night baking cakes and cupcakes and mini cupcakes for the party tomorrow.

Max was very excited once he figured out I was going to make a cake. He reminded me of the location of the mixer, and then he carried the bowl and the paddle over to the counter. He went and got his potty (which doubles as a step stool) and was ready to help out. He was very excited that we were making cake, but then when it turned out we were making Birthday Cake for Baby he got even more excited and demonstrated for me how he could help her blow out the candle. I let him turn on the mixer, to low. And then when he is ready, he tells me to go "faster Mommy, faster!" and swirls his arm around in a mixing motion to ensure that I know exactly what he needs me to do. He's a good little supervisor!

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