Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Max is recovering well from having his adenoids removed. He bounced back within 4 hours of the end of his surgery, although the nights are not yet going smoothly. He's in Action Max mode in the day time, but he has a stuffy nose which seems to be tormenting him at night. He has been having some fevers which drag him down, but after a dose of tylenol he is back on track again during the day. Last night was the first night we did not give him medicine before bed and he lasted until 3am. And then he seemed to feel that kicking Mark in the ribs was going to be the solution to all of his problems. Mark did not agree and Max was exiled back to his own bed. Hopefully tonight he will be able to sleep through the night in his bed without getting up. Because I need to sleep through the night in my bed without getting up!!!!!

We are already seeing improvements in the quality and quantity of his speech. Hurrah!

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