Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of Preschool Photos

Ready for school in his tiny baby jeans and Beatles t-shirt.

Nik gets a fruit snack to put in his backpack, so Max has to have one too. Even tho Max eats his fruit snack in the car and not at snack time. So he put the fruit snack into his backpack and zipped it up, and then we had to unzip it to remove the fruit snack as soon as we got to the car. But it's a process thing...


In his coat and getting excited!

Traditional First Day of School pose!

At the doors of the preschool. Thanks to our Photographer, NannyJo. Also I am holding the poster for Max to share with his classmates. They hang the posters in the classroom so the kids can look at the pictures whenever they are feeling homesick. Max's poster included pictures of him doing things he enjoys (lego, bubbles, playdoh, playgrounds), people he loves (mommy, daddy, baby, Nik, Julian, Grandad, Grandpa, Uncle Russ, Wesley), and his favorite color -- purple!

Hanging up his coat

Getting ready to serve up some deep dish pizza!

Making some coffee

Time to eat!

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