Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool!

Max started preschool today. I did not cry!

We had visited the preschool a couple of weeks ago, so Max had an idea of what to expect. Nik and Julian had been talking to him about how lucky he was to get to start school. We picked out a backpack (Cars!) and he had been playing with it at home.

Today was the big day. He got up and had breakfast and then we got him dressed. He was very excited about putting his fruit snack into his backpack. He posed for a series of pictures for me (more pictures to follow when I get them off the camera -- the picture above is from my phone) and then got into the car.

Once we got to school he was happy to get out and get his backpack. He wanted to hold my hand going in, but once we got inside he was happy to go straight to their play kitchen. The teacher asked him to take off his coat and hang it up, and Max did, although it was clear that she was just slowing him down on getting into the kitchen!

He went back to the kitchen and took out the deep dish pizza and put that on the table. And then he pulled out his chair. And then he realized he needed plates. So he got out the plates. And then he put a piece of pizza on each plate. He was having a great time. He made some coffee. He got out an egg. He found the toaster.

He did leave the kitchen briefly to look at some cars and another toy some other kids were playing with. But then he was right back to the kitchen.

I heard from the school that he went outside at recess (with his new mittens) and was having a great time on the playground.

It sounds like the first day of school went well! He will go back tomorrow too. His preschool classes are Thursday and Friday from 9-12 so it is a nice amount of time but he will get back to Joanna's house in time for lunch and a nap.

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