Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Max is a very busy and happy boy

Here Max is posing for me. He alternates between refusing to have his picture taken and wanting me to take his picture. I guess that is all part of being 2!

Max had his first experiences with playdoh last Friday when I was home with him. It was very serious stuff, but he really seemed to like it. He wasn't very interested in squeezing the playdoh with his hands but he did like to use the fun factory toy to extrude the playdoh. Being Max, he had to wear his smock!

Max definitely still loves his sister very much. And wants me to sit her next to him and take a picture. All the time. He is getting to be more jealous of her now, but he is learning to deal with sharing mommy and nannyjo. Max is also very interested in using his potty so that he can be praised for that. He has been doing very well and now asks to use the potty and can take of his own pants and underwear/diaper. He definitely asks to wear underwear when we are at home and wants to run over to where we keep his underwear so that he can pick out the ones he is going to wear.

We went to Cabin John Regional Park last weekend for a birthday party. Max had a great time running around and playing on the playground.

This is Max, saying "cheese" and trying on a hat to see if it will fit on his giant pumpkin hat. Happily it fit! But it was super hot and not super sunny when we got to the park so we skipped the hat.
You can always tell when Max has been "helping" Margaret find something to play with. He firmly believes she should have every single baby toy at her fingertips.