Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here Max piles all of Margaret's toys on top of her. He was very excited about helping her to play with her toys. The idea of just one or two toys didn't appeal to him. She needed ALL the toys.

Margaret and Max getting ready to go for a walk. This was the first time for Margaret to ride in the stroller without being in her carseat. She got to look around and see what was going on! The seat is still a little bit big for her but I was able to tighten up the harness on her to keep her in place. The back seat is also a little squishy so it cradled her pretty well. They both seemed to have a good time. Max definitely liked being able to turn around and see his baby!

And here is my little sweetie, posing for me!
Max did a great job this weekend with potty training. He seems to be getting the idea and was very excited about his successes. This morning he did NOT want a diaper. He wanted his underwear. So I let him wear his underwear until it was time to leave for NannyJo's. He was ok with putting the diaper on then.