Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Max is Busy

Max has been very busy in the last month. Those toys aren't going to play by themselves...

Max has now learned about the exciting world of playdoh. He is a big big fan of playdoh. He likes to put on his smock before he plays and definitely needs to wash his hands afterwards. And the time in the middle is just pure joy for him.

Max has a new toy kitchen and he is LOVING it! He loves to put the little dishes in the toy sink or stack up the play food or talk on the play phone. I picked up the play spaghetti and asked him where the sauce was and he picked up the bottle of parsley and gave that to me. I'm going to give him full points for that.

Max is also very excited about playing with his sister. He wants to pick her up and carry her around, which is not so exciting for us. Once we can convince him to leave her where she is, he is pretty happy to play lego or blocks or Mr Potato Head or kitchen with her. He definitely tries to get her to play with him. He's engaging her.

At night he still has to read Colors, Thomas, Chicka Chicka ABC, and then Good Night Moon. He will sometimes read them to Margaret. He turns the book around so that she can see the pages.

Max is still adding words to his vocabulary. He now sometimes points at himself and says "me" especially when he wants to go whereever Mommy is trying to go without him. He also says "carry" when he wants to be picked up. We are still working with him to add more and more words. He's being observed on the 29th so we should have a better idea then of how things are going with his language development.

And now on to a few photos...