Sunday, February 1, 2009

New shoes. a shower, and new snacks

Max eating his zwieback toast. This was a new food today and he demolished it!

Max didn't actually eat any of this carrot, but he had a fun time chewing on it like Mommy and Daddy.

Today Max took a walk down to the park. He didn't walk the whole way but he did walk a little bit and he did it while wearing his new little brown Carter's shoes. :) His favorite part of the walk was definitely the swing at the playground. I think that was his favorite part of his MyGym class too. He's wearing the little outfit MitreBob helped me find in Vegas. It is soft and brown and has a hood. How can you go wrong with that?
Max hasn't been happy about his bath lately, so we tried something new today. He took a shower with me. And it worked out pretty well. I didn't wash his hair since it was the first attempt, but he liked standing in the shower and the water didn't seem to bother him like the bath does.
He isn't really crawling yet, prefering to walk around, but he has been doing more commando crawling around the house and he is getting faster. He almost always chooses to cruise instead of commando crawl, but when he opts to crawl he is getting a lot faster.

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