Monday, February 16, 2009

I love Mommy THIS much
Max at Tea Time Knitting on Valentine's Day wearing his I Love Tea Time Knitting shirt.

This little seat is so coiol! Thanks Hopie!!

Thanks for helping with the photo-documentation Matt!

Baby's First Valentine's bib. :)

Fine Mom. Go ahead and take another picture if you have to...

Look at all those teeth!!!

I think his first word might be Gretel!

Max is thinking that Momy must really want a photo of him in this sweater since she never lets him take the mixer parts out of the cupboard! Thanks to Jenn for this totally adorable sweater. He's also styling in his brown Clarks here, ready to go and have his photo taken for his UK passport.

He can almost touch his toes!

I just love this little sweater and I'm glad it still fits him so well.

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