Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Max has been going to MyGym for quite a while, and he started his own class at the end of January. During the class, big crawling tubes are available for the babies to crawl through. Max hasn't been interested in doing so. He is happy to push the tube along and walk, but crawling through it was not high on his list.

Last night at MyGym he was on one side of the tube and I was on the other end. He would peek through the tube at me and then smile, and then stand up and look over the top of the tube. And then he decided to crawl through it! It was so cool! He made his decision and he went with it and he made it all the way through. I was delighted! And then about 20 minutes later he crawled through a different tube! It was just so great to see him doing something new, and doing it because he wanted to do it. It has been really fun to see how he has changed during his time at MyGym. From being carried around in the sling to learning how to take a few steps while holding both of my hands, to walking around all by himself and crawling through the tube. I'm loving it!

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