Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

I am doing my first post from my new computer. While Mark was away on his business trip I had a little computer trouble, but now the new computer is working just fine and I am downloading the hundreds of photos I have taken over the last 2 weeks. My old camera's memory card actually was full and I was not able to take pictures with that camera. That's 300 photos. The new camera has another 245 photos on it. So I have a lot of photo-sorting to do!

Max is getting to be a better sleeper. His best sleep is still from the night the devil dogs were here. He slept 10pm-7am and woke up just one time. Since then it hasn't been quite so nice. The night before last he woke up just once, at 2.45. But last night he was back to waking up twice (12.45 and 3.45). He didn't nap much for me this afternoon, although he took a very long nap for NannyJo, so we will see how he does. He went to sleep around 7.30.

Before bed tonight he had a bath. And he was so cute! He really had more of a shower. We are still using the whale sponge in the kitchen sink. Tonight he was having so much fun with the water that I let him sit up the whole time. He was pretty much sitting up with good control and putting his face under the water. He is definitely a water baby! When he was younger he would get upset about water spraying his face, but tonight he kept putting his face right in the water. It is great to see him having such a fun time. :) I'll post some photos once I get them all off the cameras and onto the computer. :)

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