Friday, February 5, 2010

Max in Photos!

This was Max earlier this morning building another structure taller than he is!

This is an old photo of Max using Mommy as a pillow. As always we MUST snuggle under the brown blanket from Karyn.

Max and his bottle. He is no longer getting bottles and is using a cup, but this was a very happy Max!

The color is a little off, but this is Max wearing Daddy's shoes. I wish I had the photo of me wearing Uncle Brian's shoes. Just imagine my head on that body in England instead of in the US. :)

I cannot explain why Max thinks this is a good look for photos. He does. And that's all there is to it. This is also Max wearing a lovely set of blue cord overalls from Duncan. Soft and stylish!

Max, Mommy, and Margaret.

He's looking a little devious here....

Trying to get all 3 of us in one photo is a lot harder than you might think...

Max at MyGym on the swings. That is definitely his favorite part of his class. His little face lit up with joy when he saw the swings coming out of the storage closet!

For PIA.... Another tough guy face. :)

Margaret doesn't look happy, but Max loves her anyway.

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