Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Brother

Max continues to be a great big brother to his sister. This morning he gave up on snuggling with me to crawl over me to get to the edge of the bed next to her bed so that he could let me know that is where the "Baby!" was sleeping.

In the last few days he has been VERY interested in her having a nose and ears and feet. Because it turns out Max has a nose and ears and feet. And Mommy has a nose and ears. And Daddy has a nose and ears. This is all very fun and exciting. He's pretty gentle when touching her nose and ears and feet. And just laughs and laughs as he runs from each of us touching our noses or ears.

Max is also still very interested in helping out at diaper time by giving me a clean diaper for her (although he doesn't care if it is her size or his size), giving me wipes, and then throwing her diaper in the trash. He gets very upset if he isn't able to participate in the process. He is also now very interested in throwing his own diaper away. I am pleased.

We have a potty for him and we put it in our bedroom. He's been taking it apart and putting it back together. I had him sit on it once the night before last. Last night he opted to sit on it three different times. The complications are that he only sits on it fully dressed, and only after he has removed the "pot" part of the potty. So we will have a little work ahead of us to turn playing with the potty into using the potty.

I have more photos to share of both Max and Margaret but that will have to wait until another time when there is a better ratio of adults to kids. ..

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